Sunday, March 9, 2014

We got to go out for breakfast after all!

So Daylight Savings Time happened this morning. Normally I don't even pay attention, living in the perfect land of Saskatchewan and all, we don't need to think about such things, but I happened to see a reference to it in the past few days and it stuck somewhere in my brain. Anyhoo.

We didn't get to bed and asleep quite as early as we should've, but that's nothing new. Then this morning, we woke up to hear the kids already up and playing nicely in their rooms.

We had church this morning, we go to the 9 am service and it takes 10-12 minutes to drive into town.

I roll over in a solid state of only half awake, and look at my phone to check the time. 7:48. Drat. I poke my husband and tell him the time, we have to get up RIGHT NOW if we're going to be on time.

Praise God I'd laid out the kids' clothes last night! Another praise God because the weather is finally warm! I believe that Spring is here!

We get dressed, get the kids dressed, get jackets and everything on, I notice that the power was out sometime during the night because the stove and microwave are both blinking at me.

We get into the van and we're driving in thinking "okay, we're a touch late, but no big deal," when I glance at the clock in the van. 8:03.


Our van doesn't have any satellite connection or anything, so I ask my husband what time it is. He checks his phone, I check my phone, we both look at the clock in the van. He says something about our phones auto-updating for Daylight Savings, but I counter that they don't do that because we're in Saskatchewan and they know that. Then he tells me to check what time zone my phone is set to.

Oops. Central and Central Saskatchewan are two different things, did you know?

I plead ignorance because it's a new phone and checking the time zone didn't occur to me.
And at least we were an hour early, instead of an hour late.

A lovely hour that we could've dozed in....

This kind of thing isn't supposed to happen to Saskatchewan people.