Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is going to be lame, I can tell already...

...but I haven't posted since September, and I need to tell you that it isn't out of laziness. We got moved out to the new house pretty much when we expected to, which was awesome. Not so awesome: the heating system couldn't be turned on until a week after we moved in. Fleecy pajamas and fuzzy socks all 'round! But it wasn't that bad, the weather was alright and we cooked and snuggled lots.

We're probably three-quarters moved in and done, and chipping away at what's left. It feels like home now, even while we still celebrate things like the bathtub getting installed.

But my reason for not posting or anything (since obviously I have legions of faithful readers) is because we only very recently got internet again which is VERY EXCITING.