Monday, September 12, 2011

September is bipolar so far.

Yesterday was stinking hot. The day before yesterday was stinking hot. The day before that was stinking hot. So what's today? 12 degrees, of course! And I'm Canadian, so I'm talking proper Celsius. I think we have a high of 15 all week. At least it's supposed to be sunny.

This will be nice on one hand because I won't have to worry about it being too stinking hot to have the kids out at the house with me while we continue getting it ready to move into. And when I say "getting it ready to move into" I mean, "making sure we have walls and floors and plumbing and things."

But on the other hand, now I feel stupid because I'm pretty sure most of the kids' socks are packed in a box somewhere. Of course.

We are now 3 weeks from the opening of our move-in window. The pressure is on.

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