Friday, March 11, 2011

Her secret identity

One of the amazing things about being a stay-at-home mom is that you get to learn every day who your children are. In the overarching picture of course, but also in ways you don't expect. Today, for example, Sophia was a red-eyed tree frog. When we got her dressed, she had to wear a green shirt and green pants because red-eyed tree frogs are green. Never mind that her only green pants are camo and the green shirt she picked was very pretty but very definitely did NOT go with camo. Oh well. She even had green underwear. She spent the day hopping happily around the house, occasionally sharing interesting tidbits about red-eyed tree frogs. They have red eyes and red toes. They eat bugs and spiders and ladybugs. They're good at climbing. They live in trees. They're afraid of pumas. You might think that last one is odd, since you usually don't think of pumas hunting frogs. I blame Diego for this. Go, Diego Go! is where she gets most of her animal facts, and pretty much all the animals on that show are afraid of pumas. This is all fine and good, but usually at some point her brother comes into the room, and then she loudly proclaims, "James is a puma! Red-eyed tree frogs are afraid of pumas!! I have to hide!!" I turn to her brother and ask, "Are you a puma?" He growls at me happily and nods that yes, he is. And then trundles off to find his truck or something. Meanwhile the red-eyed tree frog is hiding using the tried-and-true method of camouflage known as "covering your face."

Often I can work this to my advantage. Did you know that red-eyed tree frogs are VERY good at picking up toys? They also are always kind to their brothers (except when their brother is also a puma).

You have to keep up with the trends, though. It wasn't too long ago that she was whichever Strawberry Shortcake character who was the same colour as the clothes she was wearing. Her pajamas are blue, she's Blueberry Muffin! She's wearing a purple dress, she's Plum Pudding! One day she was wearing green and her grandmother (who was in the know) asked her who she was. She was quite confused, because no Strawberry Shortcake character wears green, and she hadn't yet discovered tree frogs. In the end we had to go change her shirt so she could be Raspberry Torte.

Tomorrow she might still be a frog, or maybe a spectacled bear, or Ming-Ming from the Wonderpets. Maybe she'll be a good climber, or a tiny mouse who needs to be carried around. But once in a while, she's just Sophie.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of myself!!

I've always struggled with knitting. Crochet I can do, though. My gramma has "taught" me how to knit 4 or 5 times throughout my life, and the last time (when I was 26) the results looked startlingly similar to the first time (when I was 5). I successfully made a dishcloth, it took me a few weeks at least, and was so stressful, intimidating, and all-round difficult that I gave it up.

But about a month ago, I thought I would give it a try again (not sure why, I was sure it was just going to be some kind of self-torture) but I would just fool around with it. I found and learned how to knit holding the yarn in my left hand instead of my right (known as Continental knitting, for all of you taking notes out there). And, I have to say, WOW. It took some practice, I was quite slow at first, but it never had that stressful feeling that I remembered always having.

Aaaaaaannnnd, I've finished my first project!! Check it out!!

(Please excuse the dirty office chair.)

Now they're not perfect by any means, but there are no weird loops or gaps, the tension is pretty even, overall I'm very happy with them!


Sorry this one is sideways for some reason....

I totally have my new hobby of the month! I have more yarn, I can't wait to make more!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

things that make no sense...and still happen.

I try to think that my life is organized, and logical, and things do what they're supposed to do. Then I remember that I'm me, I have 3 small children, and I've never been confused with an organized person. And yet, often things happen that really shouldn't happen. Or at least I don't want them to happen. And they do. Call it Murphy's Law, call it bad luck, call it whatever, but there it is. For example:

Why do babies wait until you are about to walk out the door to poop or spit all over themselves, forcing you to stop and change their clothes completely before going out again? Bonus points if they get it all over you too. This counts double during the winter, when you have all the cold-weather gear to deal with as well. Also, extra points if you are already late, and/or if you are going to church or some other event that requires you to be dressed up.

Why do I always end up staying up too late? I know I'll be exhausted the next day, I commit to myself that I'm going to bed in good time for once, and then facebook sucks me in and next thing I know it's almost 1 in the morning. gah.

Why do toddlers wait until you're on the phone before tripping and hitting their head right beside you and crying at the top of their lungs? Although this does work well for getting rid of telemarketers or those people doing surveys.

Why do small children have an irresistible urge to come and visit you when you're going to the bathroom? What is so fascinating about that anyway?

Why is it so often I totally forget to think about what's for supper until after 5 o'clock and my husband gets home at 6?

Why do grocery stores refuse to stock the one item I really really need? Doesn't matter what the item is, it's something different every time. But it's NEVER THERE.

These are things I don't understand. Some are in my control, and therefore, yes, technically my fault. But they're all bewildering.

Some things don't always make sense in a good way. Like how after a long rough day, with repeated frustrations and discipline sessions and fights, my children still want me to snuggle and cuddle with them and it just melts me down to nothing. Or how I can be up all night with the baby and strung out because of the crying and lack of sleep, and she looks up at me and smiles and suddenly that's all that matters.

And now, I'm getting off the computer and going to bed.