Sunday, March 9, 2014

We got to go out for breakfast after all!

So Daylight Savings Time happened this morning. Normally I don't even pay attention, living in the perfect land of Saskatchewan and all, we don't need to think about such things, but I happened to see a reference to it in the past few days and it stuck somewhere in my brain. Anyhoo.

We didn't get to bed and asleep quite as early as we should've, but that's nothing new. Then this morning, we woke up to hear the kids already up and playing nicely in their rooms.

We had church this morning, we go to the 9 am service and it takes 10-12 minutes to drive into town.

I roll over in a solid state of only half awake, and look at my phone to check the time. 7:48. Drat. I poke my husband and tell him the time, we have to get up RIGHT NOW if we're going to be on time.

Praise God I'd laid out the kids' clothes last night! Another praise God because the weather is finally warm! I believe that Spring is here!

We get dressed, get the kids dressed, get jackets and everything on, I notice that the power was out sometime during the night because the stove and microwave are both blinking at me.

We get into the van and we're driving in thinking "okay, we're a touch late, but no big deal," when I glance at the clock in the van. 8:03.


Our van doesn't have any satellite connection or anything, so I ask my husband what time it is. He checks his phone, I check my phone, we both look at the clock in the van. He says something about our phones auto-updating for Daylight Savings, but I counter that they don't do that because we're in Saskatchewan and they know that. Then he tells me to check what time zone my phone is set to.

Oops. Central and Central Saskatchewan are two different things, did you know?

I plead ignorance because it's a new phone and checking the time zone didn't occur to me.
And at least we were an hour early, instead of an hour late.

A lovely hour that we could've dozed in....

This kind of thing isn't supposed to happen to Saskatchewan people.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Post of Shame

I think it's well established that regular posting is not my strong suit. I have this same issue with journaling, actually. But, as I've done in my journal, I am officially giving myself permission to post sporadically and irregularly without feeling guilty about it, because hey it's not like I have sponsors who expect regular pageviews or something. There is a certain freedom in knowing just about no one reads what you write. 

Anyway, I was encouraged to post again by a very good friend, so here I am. What has changed since my last post? Hmm, I'll just run down what's going on and you can judge for yourself. 

Sophia is 6, James is 4, Sabrina is 2.5 and Luke turned 1 last week!!

We took a family vacation to Florida in April, and had a blast.

The house is slowly creeping its way towards being done, veeeeeery slowly. Okay I'll be honest, we pretty much stopped doing anything on it for about a year and a half. Reno burnout is a real thing. But we've gotten another wind, and thanks to Pinterest I might have a hope of becoming an organized person! 

I have a grand piano now! Well a baby grand. Still :) 

And we're starting our second official year homeschooling in about a week!

That's all for now, I'd have a picture or two in here but I'm tired and I don't remember how at the moment. I'm just happy I remembered my account password. 

Hope to do this again sometime soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is going to be lame, I can tell already...

...but I haven't posted since September, and I need to tell you that it isn't out of laziness. We got moved out to the new house pretty much when we expected to, which was awesome. Not so awesome: the heating system couldn't be turned on until a week after we moved in. Fleecy pajamas and fuzzy socks all 'round! But it wasn't that bad, the weather was alright and we cooked and snuggled lots.

We're probably three-quarters moved in and done, and chipping away at what's left. It feels like home now, even while we still celebrate things like the bathtub getting installed.

But my reason for not posting or anything (since obviously I have legions of faithful readers) is because we only very recently got internet again which is VERY EXCITING.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September is bipolar so far.

Yesterday was stinking hot. The day before yesterday was stinking hot. The day before that was stinking hot. So what's today? 12 degrees, of course! And I'm Canadian, so I'm talking proper Celsius. I think we have a high of 15 all week. At least it's supposed to be sunny.

This will be nice on one hand because I won't have to worry about it being too stinking hot to have the kids out at the house with me while we continue getting it ready to move into. And when I say "getting it ready to move into" I mean, "making sure we have walls and floors and plumbing and things."

But on the other hand, now I feel stupid because I'm pretty sure most of the kids' socks are packed in a box somewhere. Of course.

We are now 3 weeks from the opening of our move-in window. The pressure is on.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I tried to think of an old-timey slogan about progress, but....never mind.

This was the sunset two days ago from what will be our dining room doors.

Have I actually said here that we're renovating an old farmhouse on an acreage and we're hoping to move in October? Maybe not, but I think most of you who read this know me in real life or outside of this blog anyway and know that already, so it's moot. Or moo, if you think like Joey Tribbiani.

oh my goodness it's September. That means October 1st is 30 days away. Holy cow. (Apologies to any Hindus reading this.)

But things are coming along! The first coat of primer is pretty much done in the basement (any guesses about who was helping me?)

And we got most of the drywalling done in the kitchen yesterday, it's really looking good!

The kitchen cupboards are stacked patiently (or maybe not so patiently) in the living room, waiting to be installed:

My husband has been working his fine behind off getting stuff done out there, and I really really appreciate all he's been doing <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random thought... saying "holy cow" considered blasphemy in India?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you look hard enough, there's a silver lining.

I woke up this morning to see James sitting beside me, covered in chocolate. It's not weird to wake up to James (although it's usually Sophie), it was the "covered in chocolate" part that got me. I couldn't think of where he'd gotten chocolate from. I asked him, and he very helpfully said "there!" while pointing vaguely towards...nowhere, really, just kind of away from himself. Then Sophie came in, and I asked her. She held up what looked like a Tim Horton's cup, but that didn't make sense. Why would chocolate be in a Tim Horton's cup? My husband was meeting a friend for breakfast, but even if they'd gone there, the cup would have coffee, not chocolate...I was getting nowhere. Then I put my glasses on and realized it wasn't a Tim Horton's cup, it was the can of icing leftover from her birthday cake. Of course. At least it wasn't poop.

I went upstairs and found more fun had been happening. Brown sugar was dumped on the floor in the baby's room. Silver lining: it WASN'T dumped all over the baby's bed! I could just sweep it up! If you must have a mess, choose the dry, sweep-able mess.

A bit later, while closing all the windows in an attempt to keep all the heat out of our non-air-conditioned house, I stepped in something grainy beside my son's bed. What is: an entire box of salt dumped all over the bed, some clothes and a number of stuffed animals, Alex?

Only an hour until naptime, people, and then maybe I can get some laundry done...what laundry? oh, nothing important, just the blankets from one bed that were peed on and blankets from another bed that have poop on them because someone decided he didn't want to wear his diaper but he REALLY wanted to sit everywhere with poop on his bum.

Silver lining:..............I'm working on it.............any suggestions?